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The Witkin Legal Institute participates in a range of programs statewide, including the following:

State Bar Annual Meeting

Each year, in September or October, the Witkin Legal Institute sponsors a substantive program at the Annual Meeting of the State Bar of California. Four of these program are available on videotape to law schools and bar associations.

  • 1996 Program: Appeals and Writs: Recent Developments and Creative Strategies in Family Law
  • 1997 Program: Civil Trial Basics
  • 1998 Program: The New Restatement of Products Liability
  • 1999 Program: Current and Future Economics of Law Practice: Will Your Firm Survive?
  • 2000 Program: Recent Decisions of the United States Supreme Court:
    Where Is the Court Headed?
  • 2001 Program: Recent Decisions in Evidence – State and Federal – for the Civil
    and Criminal Litigator
  • 2002 Program: Judicial Council Jury Instructions
  • 2003 Program: Issues and Trends in Constitutional Law
  • 2004 Program: The Ethics of Lawyers in Today's Litigation
  • 2005 Program: The Role of Law in Reforming K-16 Public Education
  • 2006 Program: The Psycology and Strategy of Effective Appellate Advocacy
  • 2007 Program: Presentation Skills for Lawyers
  • 2008 Program: Recent Developments in First Amendment Law
  • 2009 Program: Recent Developments in Constitutional Law
  • 2010 Program: Recent Developments in Constitutional Law
  • 2011 Program: Recent Developments in Constitutional Law
  • 2012 Program: Recent Developments in Constitutional Law
  • 2015 Program: Recent Developments in Constitutional Law

Roger J. Traynor California Moot Court Competition

Beginning in 1999, the Witkin Legal Institute assumed sponsorship of the Traynor Moot Court Competition from the California Young Lawyers Association of the State Bar of California. The competition has been held at the following locations:

  • U.C. Berkeley (1999)
  • UCLA (2000)
  • Golden Gate University (2001)
  • Pepperdine (2002)
  • Hastings College of the Law (2003)
  • UCLA (2004)
  • University of San Francisco (2005)
  • Southwestern University School of Law (2006)
  • U.C. Berkeley (2007)
  • U.C.L.A. (2008)
  • University of San Francisco (2009)
  • Loyola Law School (2010)
  • University of San Francisco (2011)
  • U.C. Berkeley (2012)
  • San Jaoquin College of Law (2013)
  • U.C.L.A. (2014)
  • Golden Gate University (2015)

Gordon D. Schaber Lecture

Each Fall, the Sacramento County Bar Association and the Witkin Legal Institute sponsor the Gordon D. Schaber Memorial Lecture, named in honor of Gordon Schaber, for many years the Dean of McGeorge School of Law, and a founding members of the Witkin legal Institute Advisory Board. Schaber lecturers include the following:

  • James Brosnahan (1998)
  • Professor Gerald Gunther (1999)
  • Justice Arthur Gilbert (2000)
  • Professor Erwin Chemerinsky (2001)
  • Joseph Cotchett (2002)
  • Justice Carol Corrigan (2003)
  • Justice Rebecca Wiseman (2004)
  • Dean Elizabeth Rindskoph Parker (2005)
  • Dean Gerald Uelmen (2006)
  • Professors Michael Vitiello and John Osborn (2007)
  • John Doar (2008)
  • Benjamin Wagner (2009)
  • Daniel Morain (2010)
  • Anne Stausboll (2011)
  • Dan Richard (2012)
  • Peter Gleick (2014)
  • Symposium: International Law of Property (2015)

Fresno Luncheon

Annually in June the Witkin Legal Institute provides a speaker for the Witkin luncheon of the Fresno County Bar Association. Witkin lecturers include Joseph Cotchett (1998), Justice Arthur Gilbert (1999), James Brosnahan (2000), James Brosnahan (2001), James Brosnahan (2002), Justice James Ward (2003), James Brosnahan (2004-2015).

Alameda County Law Library

Beginning in 2001, the Witkin Legal Institute began sponsoring an annual Spring Symposium with the Alameda County Law Library.

  • 2001 Panel Program: Legal Research in California Revisited
  • 2002 Panel Program: E-Courts: California Court Online
  • 2003 Lecture: California's New Plain English Jury Instructions
  • 2004 Panel Program: Ethics and Discovery on the E-Frontier
  • 2005 Lecture: Snooping on Google for Legal Researchers
  • 2006 Panel Program: Disaster Preparedness for the Solo and Small Law Firm: Keeping Your Practice Alive During and After a Disaster
  • 2007 Lecture: Internet Legal Research Revisited: Exciting New Tools
  • 2008 Lecture: Client Relations in a Changing World
  • 2009 Panel Program: California Courts Online
  • 2010 Lecture: How to Make Ethical and Winning Use of California Legislative History
  • 2011 Lecture: Practical Issues for Lawyers in a Rapidly Changing Legal Environment
  • 2012 Lecture: The California Civil Justice Crisis
  • 2013 Panel Program: Learning from Ethical Nightmares in Famous Trials
  • 2014 Lecture: Superior Court: Behind the Scenes
  • 2015 Lecture: Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law

San Diego Events

The Witkin Legal Institute and Thomson Reuters West are sponsors of the San Diego Public Law Library Justice Foundation Bernard E. Witkin Award Dinner, held annually. For several years, the Institute sponsored an annual Spring Luncheon. Lecturers include Professor Erwin Chemerinsky (2003), James Brosnahan (2004), and James Brosnahan (2006).

Los Angeles Luncheon

Beginning in 2003, the Witkin Legal Institute began sponsoring an annual Fall luncheon with the litigation section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Lecturers include James Brosnanhan (2003), Professor Erwin Chemerinsky (2004), Walter Dellinger (2005), Justice Carol Corrigan (2006), Solicitor General Theodore Olson (2007), and Dean Erwin Chemerinsky (2009), Justice Arthur Gilbert (2010), Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye (2011), Justice Goodwin Liu (2013).

Other Programs

The Witkin Legal Institute has sponsored or participated in a number of other programs. For example, Professor James Hogan, a Witkin Fellow, spoke to local bar associations in Central California in 1998 and 1999. In 1998, the Institute and the State Law Library of California sponsored a symposium entitled "Shaping the Future of Legal Information."

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